If only understanding the humiliation that the girl might encounter in her life! The society has moulded girls to take pride in their “kanyadaan” by their fathers.


While going through a book on Hindu culture I came across a passage,

The ritual of Kanya Daan is considered very auspicious in Hindu religion. It is a very pious and dutiful ritual which is said to bring fortune as well as relief from the sins for the bride’s parents.. Kanyadaan means when the father hands over all his rights and duties towards his daughter to her prospective groom. This way the father gives her daughter as a gift to the groom. As per tradition, groom is considered a form of Lord Vishnu. Thus, presenting him gifts is deemed as the greatest honor for the parents of the bride. As a result, they offer their daughter to the groom, who is their most cherished gift. As a symbol of acceptance, the groom touches the right shoulder of the bride, promising to take care of her and holding her responsibility”

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“There was some kind of moment, some kind of epiphany that seemed intimately linked to an ultrasound—but one that was forever unnamed and forever not mine.” Kelly Westhoff reflects on motherhood and adoption.

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The Talking Roads!

What if roads could talk? What do you think would they talk of? Ever thought of striking a conversation to the roads you walk on everyday? Wondering what am I talking about? Okay before you term me insane or mad😂 please read further to know insights about “the talking roads”
Talking Roads? Seriously think of it how beautiful would it be if roads could speak! Different faces of roads that say a different story every time -The empty roads amidst the quiet of night, the hustle bustle of roads filled with vehicles all day long, the surreal strong roads witnessing disasters, the dreadful roads mourning over painful deaths of innocent citizens in riots, or the chirping roads filled with puddles all over places in monsoons! And the list goes on.. Yes, roads are cemented paths made by humans for their convenience of locomotion to and from places. Thinking of what they would talk and how, is very unrealistic and way too drastic for even creativity purpose. I mean they are just dull roads oh for god’s sake! Spare them the least vitality in terms of retrospection for even literary purposes.
I agree to all of this but, keeping aside reasonings and logistics pay heed to this for sometime. If you were to strike a conversation with the road which you are most familiar with; what would you talk about? What do you think the roads will talk about? It’s long and hectic day, how busy were it serving its purpose to vehicles and pedestrians for commuting to places or how irritated it was with the scorching heat of the sun, Alas! How grateful it was that the day ended soon when the shadow of the night and the shine of the sparkling moon embraced it in the most delightful manner. Oh, and how tired were it after all this and needed some rest before the work for the next day would start!
This was a mere gist of how roads would talk. Now, think of it how bad and gloomy would we feel if we had no one to lend an ear to our talks about how we spent our day, completely stagnated by the pace of our hectic schedule. It would be so grudge-some to bare the loneliness. The roads too might feel the same. Thus, it longs for a companion to share its deepest agonies of day and night.
How passionately would the road speak of its day, it’s elaborate description of different pedestrians it could remember of! The fussy chaos of traffic stricken vehicles all small and big, the school buses packed with energetic kids and their enormous laughs and giggles!
Some days it would even complain of its dismantled stature because of adulteration in its composition. As a consequence, people curse it as it is a discomfort to them then. All this and more, but for me the most engaging moment would be the    mesmerising tales it would narrate amidst the quiet of night. Those captivated words it’d dwell me with, for which it had to wait for the day to wind up so it could beseech me with pondering of new topics to talk on each night! No intervention of external disturbances. The chaste straight from the heart conversation it would engross me in and nothing else! The best part of the day -subtle nuances of speech and dialect by the not so oft spoken roads, not merely by its mouth; its long endearing glances it’d exchange with you shall do the talking!

The Mind Gambles!

The cast away shadows of wisdom have scattered all over the brains and this my friend is the irony of the infamous power of overthinking that pokes you again and again until it tickles your deepest synchronisation of balance and accord, that despite being ambiguous to monotonous scrapping of ideal thinking is rest assuredly hindered by penetrating bewildered passages of diversions to your destination – Enroute Mind Gambles!


Puzzled! Are you? (winks) The mind is the ultimate puzzle maze that one can solve within the permitted time limits extending to a lifespan! They say your brain is the controller of all the happenings of your life ( science has evidences that it controls your physical, biological, social, and most vitally psychological functions) True that is to a great extend, undeniable for sure! But looking at its utmost imperative side is can we all rely on it? The mysterious hounding of unspoken words, or the long kept secret desires to fulfil, the happiness, the angst, the lust, the forgotten pain, the quaint fancies, the mood swings et al!

The uncertainty of stableness or the constant dilemma of doing either this or that? But why does that happen? It happens to me, and I’m quite sure it happens to you too. But why? That remains the question. Ever thought of the imperative judgements of others on your personal life? Yes of course! At least at some point of time in life how badly you’d want to thrash out people out of your lives and if not that then how about zip-locking their badass mouths! This could be your last resort to circumstantial threshing of unwanted suggestions, ideas, advice, opinion and whatever you want to term it! How awfully bad state you might otherwise be succumbed to, think of that; Now, my point being we constantly adjourn our mind and our so called thinking capabilities to the adaptation of what others expect us to do. No harm in doing that, but it’s no good either! This concept of stagnating your mental state to the whims and fancies of pleasing other humans is no new for sure. But have you thought of it as to why there occurs a need to rekindle the same theory time and again!

It just catches my muse to be thinking over each and every thing that happens to me on a daily basis. No wonder my “well wishers” seem so concerned as they warn me to stop thinking!! How could they say something like this? I mean do they even think before speaking? It’s nobrainer that they don’t. That is what fumes my mind that I go on thinking of it even more but just can’t explain what am I thinking about!

See, this is what I want to talk of- The mind gambling game of thoughts! It’s so fascinating and enduring to know that no matter how scrutinised your life is Your Mind & Your Thoughts will engage you to keep going with it!

PS: Do read it again to find the sense in my blabbering throughout, else be puzzled and think over to find a cue!

Note: This piece is a special dedication to some beautiful persons in my life whom I am closely associated to. It is my perception of an observation to their lives without their spouses and how badly in despair are they with their loss in their lives.

Lafzon Ka Nagma

Kaagaz aur kalam ka hi ab sahara hai

Waqt toh sirf ek bahana hai

Na manzur hua rehna tum bin

Zindagani meri yun mujhe gavara hai

Aadatein na badli maine

Lamhe lamhe, zarre zarre par haq sirf tumhara hai

Saansein na chalti yun 

Bichad kar bhi na jaane ye chal rahi hai kyun

Woh bhi ek pal tha jo tujh sangh bitaya

Yeh bhi ik pal hai jo humne gavaya 

Roz ek nayi kahani likhti hu

Jisme tera zikr humesha karti hu

Zamane ko dikhane hi sahi, hasti rehti hu main

Andar hi andar magar har lams har peher udaas hoti hu main

Himmat kar iss kaagaz ke tukde par

Aaj apni dastaan bayaan kar rahi hu

Ha main badal rahi hu

Jhooti hasi has rahi hu

Dil ke darwaazein bandh kar main  ghut rahi hu

Ha magar tum bin bhi main jee rahi hu 

Kabhi socha na tha jo,woh ban gayi haqeekat meri

Yun tanha akeli, badal rahi shakseeyat meri

Ha par ab sirf kaagaz aur kalam ka mujhe sahara hai

Jeena ye mera iss qadar tum bin, mujhe gavara hai!

On A Second Thought!!

On A Second Thought!!

There are times when you want to say certain things but cannot! These are the moments when you wish to let it out but are constrained with endless thought processes that hold you back to not want to speak. Why does that happen? Think over it… rethink again now! Ok too much of thinking is injurious for your brain!! What is it that restrains you from speaking your heart out? Why do you not speak when it is vital to keep your stance? All these questions will make you mad and will lead to only burdensome thinking and brawl aghast conflicts in you!

Take a deep breath before you find answers to your questions.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. This is what Steve Jobs firmly believed in and preached all his life! These words are just intriguing to set free your inhibitions that cage you in mind dwindling!


Now give all your thought processes a second thought and halt them! And start taking apt decisions and freely speak your mind. After all you mind thinks only what you want it to. So better set free those in held words that suffocate you, hap hazarding your happiness and borrow Gargantua’s mouth and say it all for a happy you!

At least this should be given a second thought without being trashed away:)

A dream!

A dream!

The never ending quest

To fulfill a dream

Restlessness of the soul

Hounding all around it seems

For the ferocious thy

‘Tis a clenched fist that holds upon

The storming bubble of thoughts

Let go off the world

Procrastinations they brought

Bounce back like never before

Be fierce and then lay back

For its time they explore

The hurdles you crossed

The woods of struggles you walked

Now it’s your time to live your dreams

Rejuvenate your prowess to supreme!